Hydroelectric Project

In 1992 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a license to the city of Summersville, West Virginia to harness the dam’s energy. The project was developed by the Gauley River Power Partners. In February 1999, the Gauley River Power Partners broke ground for the $53-million Summersville Hydroelectric Project on the wild and scenic Gauley River about 45 miles east of Charleston, West Virginia.

A two-unit powerhouse was constructed on the right bank of the dam and connected to the existing outlet structure by a 17 ft diameter steel penstock. A 10 mile long, 69,000 volt electrical line ties the powerhouse to the utility transmission grid. Two vertical Francis turbines rated at 60,000 hp at a net head of 260 ft discharge water at a rate of 2,200 cu ft/s. The direct-drive synchronous generators are rated at 44,000 MW. IMPSA International from Mendoza, Argentina, supplied the hydroelectric turbines, generators, electrical controls, and switchgear. Black and Veatch Construction from Kansas City, Missouri, was the EPC Contractor responsible for the design and construction of the project’s civil works and installation of the hydroelectric turbines, generators, and other mechanical equipment.

Kleinschmidt provided services as Owner’s Engineer, responsible for the preparation of performance specifications for the turbine-generator equipment procurement and construction of the Project, and for the evaluation of bids from the turbine-generator vendors and design-build contractors. Kleinschmidt drafted the Operating Plan and Operating Agreement between the Licensee and COE, reviewed EPC Contractor developed construction drawings, monitored construction activities, designed DO mitigation measures, and advised the Owner in development of project recreation facilities for operation and use by the National Park Service in the Gauley River National Recreational Area. Kleinschmidt also conducted surveys to monitor construction interference with recreational users during the two year construction period, and detail recreational usage surveys during the first four years of commercial operation.

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