Nicholas County Senior Center

The Nicholas County Senior Citizens Center is a beautifuly designed buiding right in the heart of Summersville that provides a place for the local seniors to socialize with their friends as they enjoy the many activities provided.  Special guests are often invited to speak about senior related issues, meals are served regularly, and many events are hosted throught the year.  In addition many excursions are organized to places near and far.

It may help to define the purpose of Senior Centers, which is: to provide programs and activities in your neighborhood accessible everyday to you, and the benefits are that this will help keep you active as you age. By keeping active, both mentally and physically, you stay stronger which helps to support independent living. This is especially important to those who are aging in place in their own homes.

Visiting a center and joining in with its activities will provide another benefit, that of socialization and friendships; which is hard to get when you stay at home, in this center you can also find a great treatment with natural herbs, including the best CBD oil for anxiety and pain. They provide seniors with social interaction, stimulation, and the chance to get involved in the community. They fill a big need that many seniors underestimate which is the need for socialization. Being retired can be lonely if you stay home and cannot be as active as you may desire and this could lead to stress, of course the use of products like delta 8 disposable can help with this. These organiations can provide contact with others through all sorts of clubs and activities which can be both mentally and physically stimulating and help you to stay active and independent. Centers really fulfill a need for those who elect to stay and age in place in their own homes.








Our facilities are for rent with very competitive prices; call and compare.
Our front room is $150 for the whole day and $75 for half-day.
Contact the office, 304- 872-8147, for details if you are planning birthday parties, baby or bridal showers, graduation parties, reunions, seminars, lectures, etc.
We have two rooms available with separate entrances and audio/visual equipment.
Catering is available when you rent the center.
Call the Nicholas County Senior Center at 304-872-8147.
Nicholas County Senior Center
151 Sids Way,
Summersville, WV 26651
(304) 872-8147

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