City Office

City HallDee Dee Fillinger304-872-1211304-872-2236
Mayors OfficeRobert Shafer304-872-1211
City SuperintendentJames Corbitt304-872-1211304-872-2236
Recorders OfficeGary Withee304-872-1211304-872-2236
Chief of PoliceJohn Nowak304-872-1211304-872-2236
Finance DepartmentCookie Comer304-872-1211304-872-2236
Building Code OfficialJoey Groves304-872-1211304-872-2236
Brown OaksBill Anderson304-872-9248
Police DepartmentMarsha Querrey304-872-1211304-872-2236
Fire DepartmentEvan Aldridge304-872-1350304-883-2296
Utilities MaintenanceJeremy Nicholas304-872-5828
Water Billing OfficeAngie Short304-872-1211304-872-2236
Water Billing OfficeAmy Grose304-872-1211304-872-2236
Water DepartmentRobbie Brown304-872-3347
Sewer DepartmentJohn Bradford304-872-4972
Street DepartmentGus Rader304-872-8305
SCTV - Channel 12Barney Bonito304-872-1211304-872-2236
Public LibraryRobin Holmes304-872-0844304-872-0845
Armory & Conference CenterMarianne Taylor304-872-3722304-872-0506
Wayne HalsteadCouncil Member - Ward I304-872-1705
Stevie LeRoseCouncil Member - Ward I304-872-3214
Jim EplingCouncil Member - Ward II304-872-5789
Mike SteadhamCouncil Member - Ward III304-872-5712
Brandon WatersCouncil Member - Ward III304-872-4209
Chuck ShawCouncil Member - Ward IV304-872-1262
Eugene UnderwoodCouncil Member - Ward IV304-872-1262
City Website Administrator304-872-1211304-872-2236
Submit an Event for the Community Calendar304-872-1211304-872-2236

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City of Summersville
400 Broad Street
Summersville, WV 26651

Phone: 304-872-1211
Fax: 304-872-2236