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Forestry Council 2016 Annual Plan of Work

Summersville Forestry Council

2016 Annual Plan of Work 

1.    Submit 2015 Accomplishments to City Council

2.    Submit 2016 Plan of Work to City Council
3.    Submit Request for 2016-17 FY Budget To City Council 

4.    Prune, Fertilize and Mulch Young Trees  

            A.  Main Street Dogwoods
            B.  Nicholas County Veterans Memorial Park
            C.  Summersville Armory/Convention Center
            D.  Summersville Regional Medical Center
            E.  Courthouse Parking Lot
            F.  Brown Oaks
            G.  Mountain Transit Authority 
            H.  Summersville Elementary
            I.   Board of Education Vacant Lot
            E.  Municipal Building Parking Lot
            F.  Recently Planted Trees along City Streets 

5.     2016 Arbor Day Celebration (April 22, 2016) at Senior Center

•    Presentation of Colors
•    Arbor Day Program Presentation (5th Grade Students)
•    Guest Speaker (WVFD Urban Forester)
•    5th Grade Student Poster Contest Winners Announced
•    Tree City USA Award Presentation (8th year)
•    Environmental Stewardship Award Presented 
•    Tree Planting Demonstration
•    Disbursement of Tree Seedlings to 5th Grade Students and faculty.
•    Planting of donated balled and bur-lapped tree on school campus  

6.    Implement Priority Practices Recommended in the 5 -year Forest  Management Plan
•    Hazardous Tree Removal…………. $10,000
•    Pruning (Removal of Deadwood)…..$10,000
•    Tree Planting………………………..$10,000

7.    Procure Grant Funds for Management of the Community Forest
    The Forestry Council will investigate available grants, or contributions from government agencies, organizations, public or private corporations or individuals for tree planting and implementation of recommended management practices such as hazardous tree removal, pruning and tree clearance.

8.    Forestry Forum
Continue to be actively engaged in the local Forestry Forums to promote better management of our hardwood forests and encourage wood products industries to expand and/or locate in the area bringing about future employment.    

9.    Participate In the Annual Christmas Tree Decoration at Brown Oaks
10.    File Recertification Application for Tree City USA Award & Growth Award

11.    Publicity
Continue on-going publicity campaign for management the community’s urban forest.  Prepare and submit articles on tree care to the local newspaper. Publicize activities sponsored by the Summersville Forestry Council such as Arbor Day Celebration and Tree Care Workshops thru the local news media including the Summersville TV and the Summersville Forestry Council website.