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So, first and foremost I wish to make this my online journal, where I will be able to share any thoughts or things that happen to me. Hopefully we get readers who comment and we can talk about that on the next post! I’d like if we could have a bit of a back and forth going between us. I very much look forward to the interaction.

You know what I did recently? I went along with a friends to Body contouring Long Island, where we were given a sort of tour of the place. They were very nice to us there. My friends and I were told about the different procedures, and its benefits. I was particular impressed by the way they make their procedures safe for their clients. That part had always worried me. I mean what if something goes wrong? Seems the good places have enough technology to make sure everything goes well, which is great.

Have you had any plastic surgery procedures done? I’m thinking about it.