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Undesireable Tree Listing

Selecting and Planting the Right Tree

Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place is a guarantee for a future tree removal.  Tree removal is at best, expensive to buy and can be very dangerous if you decide to do it yourself—plus it is backbreaking work.  A lot of trouble and anxiety can be avoided by planting the appropriate tree in our yard to start with.

Bad Tree Characteristics 

All trees have good and bad characteristics. It is a rare tree that will satisfy your needs throughout its entire life span.  A tree can outgrow is original purpose very quickly or grow into its intended purpose very slowly.  Understanding this concept is the key proper planting in your yard. 

Ask yourself these questions when selecting a yard tree:  Do I want a tree’s fruit and leaves to deal with as it matures?  Am I willing to plant a fast growing tree but eventually have to deal with its constantly breaking and sprouting from its roots?  Do I have the space for a large and spreading tree?

Trees People Regret Planting

Following is a list of undesirable trees prepared by the WV Division of Forestry that are not recommended for planting in the yard or other urban locations:

            Ornamental Pear

            Female gingko


            Royal Pawlonia

            Tree of heaven

            Weeping willow

            Norway maple

            Chinese Elm