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Forestry Council 2015 Accomplishments

Summersville Forestry Council

2015 Accomplishments   

1.    Submitted 2014 Accomplishments to City Council   
    Submitted January, 2015

2.    Submitted 2015 Plan of Work to City Council
    Submitted January, 2015

3.    Submitted Request for 2015-16 FY Budget to City Council
    Submitted to January, 2015   

4.    Prune, Fertilize and Mulch Young Trees
Young trees that have been planted along city streets, and on public owned properties were fertilized and pruned by Day Reporting Center volunteers under the supervision of the Summersville Forestry Council in the spring, 2015.

•    Nicholas County Veterans Memorial Park
•    Summersville Armory/Convention Center
•    Summersville Regional Hospital
•    Courthouse Parking Lot
•    Brown Oaks
•    Mountain Transit Authority 
•    Summersville Elementary
•    Board of Education Vacant Lot
•    Municipal Building Parking Lot
5.    2015 Arbor Day Celebration (April 25, 2015 at Summersville Sr. Center
•    Arbor Day Proclamation
•    Poster Contest
•    Arbor Day Program Presentation (5th Grade Students)
•    Guest Speaker WVDF Urban Forester, Liz Moss 
•    Tree City USA Award Presented to SFC
•    Environmental Stewardship Award to Phil Mahin 
•    Tree Planting Demonstration, Forester,
•    Disbursement of Tree Seedlings to 5th Grade Class

An Arbor Day Celebration was held April 25, 2015 at the Summersville Senior Center. The 5th Grade student from the Summersville Elementary presented a program on Arbor Day. The public was invited to attend. Approximately 60 students participated in the presentation.  Professional forester, Liz Basham gave a talk on the importance and value of trees in an urban setting.  She also presented a Tree City USA Award to the Summersville Forestry Council. This was the 7th consecutive year that the city has received this award.
Cash awards and ribbons were presented to the winners of the 5th grade poster contest.  An Environmental Stewardship award was presented to Phil Mahin, Chairman of the Summersville Beautification Committee for his work on coordinating the of planting flowering shrubs and trees in the community.
Tree seedlings were disbursed to the 5th grade students and faculty for planting this spring. The students also participated in the planting of a large balled and bur-lapped sugar maple tree donated by the WV Division of Forestry.

6.    Implement Priority Practices Recommended in the 5 -year Forest Management Plan
•    Hazardous Tree Removal…………. $10,000
•    Pruning (Removal of Deadwood)…..$10,000
•    Tree Planting………………………..$10,000

During the 2015 program year 61 hazardous tree were removed and 22 trees were pruned (deadwood removal) at a cost of $20,000 and 52 balled and bur-lapped trees were planted along city streets and on public owned properties at a cost of $10,000.
The Forestry Council submitted a grant proposal to the WV Division of  Forestry under the 2015  Demonstration City Grant Program and was approved 50% matching funds totaling $15,000 for tree planting, tree     pruning and removal of hazardous trees on public owned land, along city streets and public right-of ways. The project was completed in December 2015 and a claim for reimbursement was submitted to the WVDF December 30, 2015.

7.     Tree Care Workshop (Spring 2015)
    A tree care workshop sponsored by the Summersville Forestry Council and conducted by WV Forester, Liz Moss and County Agricultural Agent, Brian Sparks at the Nicholas County Veterans Memorial Park March 25, 2015. Of the 44 persons attending the workshop, 8 professional foresters received 2.75 continuing forestry education credits. Topics included in a PowerPoint presentation included (1) Pruning Objectives; (2) Tree Biology & Branch Anatomy; (3) Pruning Cuts & Techniques; (4) Pruning Safety and Tools; and (5) When to Prune followed by a “hands on” pruning demonstration on the park campus.


8.     Forestry Forum     
      Because of the recent and turndown in the local economy due to reduced coal     mining in the area and increased unemployment, the Forestry Council initiated an inquiry whether the local forest industry might provide jobs to for unemployed coal miners and others. Considering that our area is 70-80% forested and     produces some of finest hardwoods in the world and unlike coal, the timber resource is renewable, the group wanted to make inquiry with the local forest industry as what opportunity there would be for expanding local wood products     industries or attracting new forest industries to locate in this county or surrounding counties to bring about new jobs or job training. 
The group decided to hold a “Forestry Forum” and invite both State and Federal foresters, local government officials including city mayors, County Commissioners, State Senators, and Delegates as well and members of Congress representing the area; local owners and operators of sawmills; wood product manufacturers; representatives of corporate timbering companies operating in the area, as well as local business men and entrepreneurs.  
Brian Sparks, County Agricultural Agent, served as facilitator of the two forums held in 2015. 

Two forums were held at the Summersville Convention and Visitor Center with approximately 50 persons in attendance at the respective meetings held February 25, 2015 and July 29, 2015.  
9.     Annual Christmas Tree Decoration at Brown Oaks     
          Forestry Council member, Frances Fry was in charge of tree decorating project and has received many complements for her work on the tree as well as assistance provided in the displaying of the student posters completed                   for the Arbor Day Poster contest.

10.     Publicity
 The Forestry Council provided publicity of the various activities initiated by the group including its campaign for management of the community’s  urban forests. It further prepared and submitted articles on tree care to the               local newspaper. Publicized activities sponsored by the Summersville Forestry Council such as Arbor Day Celebration and Tree Care Workshop thru the local news media including the Summersville TV and the                 Summersville Forestry Council website. 

11.     Tree City USA Recertification
          An application for recertification as a Tree City USA for the 8th consecutive year was submitted to the West Virginia Division of Forestry and the Arbor Day Foundation on December 29, 2015