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City of Summersville
Residential and Commercial Building Permits
400 N. Broad StreetP. O. Box 525
Summersville, WV 26651
(304) 872-1211


Building Permit Cover Sheet


To Obtain a Building Permit the Following Items are Required:

1.                   Application filled out COMPLETELY.

2.                   If new home:  1 set of construction drawings (for performing plan reviews)

3.                   If commercial:  2 sets of construction drawings mailed or delivered to City of Summersville Recorder’s Office.

4.                   Must submit photocopy of WV Contractor’s License, Liability Certificate of Insurance and Compliance of Workers Compensation.

5.                   Additional forms regarding notification of asbestos renovation, demolition or abatements.

6.                   Allegheny Power Co. work request number must accompany all requests for electrical inspections.

7.                   All fees paid (see attached fee schedule).

Required Inspections:

1.                   Footer

2.                   Underground Plumbing

3.                   Slab

4.                   Foundation

5.                   Rough-In Framing

6.                   Rough-In Plumbing

7.                   Rough-In Mechanical

8.                   Rough-In Electric

9.                   Temporary Electrical

10.               Electrical Service

11.               Insulation

12.               Setup (Singlewide & Doublewide mobile home)

13.               Final Electrical

14.               Final Building


Note – The inspector may stop at any time during normal working hours.


To Schedule an Inspection You Must Have the Following Information When You Call:


1.                   For inspection call : Rob Stone, Residential & Commercial Inspector: (304) 575-0255

                                                                                 Leonard Price, Electrical Inspector: (304) 673-9797

2.                   Permit Number

3.                   Type of inspection required


Note – Inspections will be done within 48 hours, no appointments will be made.  No inspections will be scheduled without the above information.  All inspections must be called in before Noon for a next working day inspection.





                                                                                                                                                                                       400 North Broad StreetP. O. Box 525

Summersville, WV 26651

(304) 872-1211


Application for Building Permit

City of Summersville




Date:________________________Permit Number:_____________________________________


A. Identification:





Property Owner:_________________________________________________________________


Contractor’s License No.:__________________________________________________________


B. Building Location:




Zoning District:___________________________________________________________


C. Type of Improvement        D. Proposed Use of Structure:           E. No. of Off

                                                                                                                        Street Parking

                                                                                                            Spaces            .

New Building                         Residential                                                     Enclosed        

Addition                                 One Family                                        Outdoor                Remodeling                                    Two or More                                                                                                            Non-Residential     

                                                Commercial                                                                                                               Industrial                









Description of Work:




F. Frame Type:   Masonry   Wood   Structural Steel     Reinforced Concrete    Other 



G. Sewage Type:     City      Private       Must have Photocopy of Health Dept. Permit.


H. Type of Water:   City      Private   Must have Photocopy of Health Dept. Permit, if Private.


I. Type of Heat:   Gas       Electric       Other:            .


J. Type of Mechanical:       Central-electic          Central-gas            Other:         .


K. Dimensions:    # of Stories:          Sq. Ft. House:          __Sq. Ft. Basement:_______.             

Sq. Ft. of Garage:            Sq. Ft. Commercial or Industrial:               _______________.


L. Residential Building:   Number of Bedrooms:              Number of Full Baths:        .            Number of Partial Baths:        Total Number of Rooms:                                                  .


M.  Costs:         Estimated Costs:  $                      Permit Fee:  $                                    .



Applicant certifies by signature that he/she/agent has the authority of make this application and that all information is correct to the best of his/her/agent knowledge.  I understand that all work must comply with the WV State Building Code and all other applicable State and Local laws, ordinances and regulations.  I certify that I am authorized to grant, and do in fact grant permission to the local zoning officer and the local building inspector and his agents, to enter on the property noted on this permit for the purpose of these inspections.



Date:______________________Applicant Signature:____________________________________




I furthermore certify I have received copies of the State and Federal Asbestos regulations and I understand that I am fully responsible for being in compliance with these regulations.




Date:_____________________ Applicant Signature:____________________________________